We are a new program in Binghampton and East Memphis with a whole lot of heart.

Several men actively involved in the Buzzards Youth Football Program in East Memphis (est. 2006) formed MGM on February 7, 2013. MGM now houses, administers and oversees the Buzzards Program along with the newest offering in Binghampton.

A Christ-centered tackle football program for 3rd and 4th graders, MGM more importantly serves as an avenue to teach valuable life lessons, positive attributes and above all, Godliness, in an atmosphere of love and devotion to God, themselves and their teammates.  

Memphis Gridiron Ministries (MGM) oversees and administers both the Buzzards and Binghampton programs under its umbrella. While the Buzzards Program is mature, supervision and accountability of this program is necessary to continue its vision and presentation as originally desired. The Binghampton initiative is exceedingly different as it is in its infant stages and requires a much more hands on approach to be successful.

Our Philosophy

Tackle football at the youth level offers a unique opportunity to positively affect the youth of this city and especially those that are most at risk. We believe that when presented right, tackle football provides an environment to mold and shape the character of young men and prepare them to be successful in life. Our goal is to defeat the “Win-at-all-Cost Mentality” by redefining a winner, instructing our athletes how to honor the game, and developing a concept of serving others over self.  

Our programs are not defined by our opponents, trophies, or records, but by the experiences our athletes are engaged in.  We believe that participation in sports is one of God’s greatest gifts because of what it teaches us, develops within us and allows us to discover about ourselves. As such, we believe that it is imperative that we first and foremost honor God in our pursuit of athletics, and make it our goal to impact our boys’ lives in a positive manner - to create a love of the game of football and a desire to play the game with honor, integrity and passion.  

Why Binghampton?

Binghampton is a proud, tightly knit, primarily African American (67% of residents) community on the western edge of East Memphis. Our vision is to build a community team in Binghampton, made up of Binghampton kids that practice in Binghampton and play games in Binghampton. Simply put, our goal is to create a team that the community can rally around and support, and one that will instill a sense of pride and self worth among its players, families and the community as a whole.